Guillermo del Valle

I began to devote myself to the visual arts when I started what I was in "the second half of my life". Perhaps that is why my works are "a record of the human biographical imprint in different cloths, (...) in a style that oscillates between the surrealist flash, the symbolist and the pop", as the Chilean poet and critic Eugenia Brito described.


I use various cloths, as if they were shrouds. In my paintings on frames I use acrylic. In the other cloths I use a mixed technique, where I have used bodies as brushes and different materials such as wine, semen, blood, hair, wires, plaster, etc., as well as paintings and folds.


My works are linked to my life experiences. That is why loneliness, repression, the sea, women, the denunciation of injustices, children, the light of the skies always in movement, closeness to death, the enjoyment of life will appear.