Interview to Ulpiano Carrasco


• How long have you been in the art world?

I felt the need to paint since I was a child, 54 years ago. Afterwards, you train in the things typical of that age and at 15 I wanted to paint continuously, and that's how it was.

How would you define your art?

In general lines, regardless of the theme that sets much the aesthetic trend, it is a proposal of matter and color; it could be an abstraction because its technical foundation is.

It is a painting with an optimistic result, regardless of my situation. I have not wanted to paint the bad things in life, not even on the grounds of human concentration.

What are your sources of inspiration?

I believe that an aesthetic that lasts was forged in my training. It seems that I have changed a thousand times but the essence is the same as it was when I was twenty. At that age, my source of inspiration shaped my concepts and artistic discourse. My landscape, La Manchuela, fed my system to be able to compose, organize, argue and give meaning to a sentimental relationship. The landscape of my land accounts for more than half of my production.

Name 3 artists who have influenced you:

My first teacher was Zurbarán. For years I painted still lifes obsessed with oils and layers until the fabric was not noticeable.
When I was 19 years old Benjamin Palencia died and I found out. His work motivated me to go out into the field to investigate. I was up to 30 years old going out to the field almost daily to paint.
At the age of 30 I became obsessed with the Cuenca Abstract Art museum, especially with the Tápies technique.