Interview to Miguel Alarcón

1. When did you make the paintings for the exhibition?
The exhibition at Port Gallery is a compilation of my work since my arrival in Barcelona.

2.  What inspired you in the moment of creation of the works?
In my time in this city I have been inspired by herself, the strength that brings me. The architecture, the streets, the most unsuspected corners are my source where I drink and then I interpret and transform.

3.  Does the whole of the works follow any history? Is there some kind of connection between them?
My works are a set of colors,shapes and figures without any defined structure, although I base on architecture. My improvisation is ahead.

4.  What are the works trying to express?
My works are my inner world, my emotions, positive feelings or not. My life in Barcelona has given me energy that I now want to transmit positively to combat the Covid-19. We have to fight.

5. If you could tell me a painter or painter who marked you?
There are many, but the ones I'm going to say now are Roberto Matta and Francis Bacon.

6.  A sculptor or sculptor?
Eduardo Chillida.

7.  A book?
Siddharta by Hermann Hesse.

8.  A film director or director?
Alfred Hitchcock.