Ramón Navarra


Café de la Ópera


Sifno ventana

Paisaje nevado

Attending a Ramon Navarro exhibition is a joyful experience for travelers always on the look out for their next great trip. Ramon’s paintings are a catalogue of trips around the world that capture the unique sensory experiences of each location. Those towns are like a great puzzle where the author is shaping through the stroke of his brushes. He even manages to make the absent characters in their scenarios: squares, streets, or ports, seem to live in an invisible way. There they are, non-existent, still... waiting for the spectator to check the whole space trying to capture them.

Ramón Navarra travels along the Mediterranean coast and the north of Spain, Venice, Prague, or New York and, this time the French Provence. The viewer has the sensation of having traveled at some point in his life to the places that Ramón Navarra reflects with his plastic language. The facade of a white house on the north coast or the dark profile of a tower that gets lost in the mountains. In an infinite nuance where the dreams of this creator of fantasies circulate, he is leaving his magical brushstrokes in unsuspected places in any cardinal point of the planet, whether in the east or the west, at dawn or at dusk, in cold times or in good weather. Just where yesterday ends and today continues, always hoping for a tomorrow brimming with concessions and beauty. It is a time no longer of silence but of illusions.