Merete Haugen

 «I wish for people to experience colors they haven't seen before. To give a voice to the silenced. The most beautiful things I know, are not necessarily pretty.»


Paintings that tell stories. Merete Steinvik Haugen is a Norwegian painter who debuted in 2015 with 100 paintings on one subject; all about the people we don’t see. Her paintings are inspired by peoples untold stories, portraying aspects of human relations and emotions. She skillfully captures a moment in time and a breath of true life. Her ethereal compositions are created layers upon layers. Her paintings invites the viewer to dive into them, in search for secrets and your own personal story within.


Merete has a BA Hons in Art from London. All her career she has told stories; she started off with film, theatre and communicative installations. Now Merete is a full time painter who exhibits nationally and internationally. Her works are bought by collectors and have been featured in publications such as Vogue UK, Maison Magazine, and House Beautiful Magazine. Merete makes no kind of prints and she believes in each of her paintings to be unique, not anyone alike another.


Merete’s  paintings in this exhibition are under the title “Life is a kaleidoscope”. It is made in gratitude to the everyday. Ordinaryness are gems in our life that each day can be seen in a new light. Be inspired by these paintings to go on adventure in your everyday, embrace the beauty of what you already have in your life. Not one day is the same. Find your story in each of your own days. Shake the gems and let the light hit. Life is a kaleidoscope.