Interview to Katia Muñoz


·When did you start in the art world?


Since I was very young. Since I have memories of paint.

At the age of 8 I entered the school of Fine Arts in Peru, with people older than me.

In the past I dedicated myself to photography and I have been trying other things


·How long have you been in Barcelona?


Since 2006.


·What does the title of your exhibition “Katia Muñoz- From the abstraction'' mean?


I consider myself an abstract artist basically, although from time to time, I paint pictures that include figurative elements, but they are minimal.


It is from abstraction that I want to express my inner world, create totally new and unique spaces and geographic coordinates in which I want to live, which I dream of.


·What do you think is your source of inspiration?


I think that my main motivation is colors, my inspiration comes from the search for dialogue between the fusion of impossible colors, since I have the challenge of achieving harmony by working with complementary colors.


·So how would you define your art?


My art is abstract expressionist, since I work without a sketch, the first spots are gestural, and later I compose with technique and balance between shape and color.


·Are the series presented in Port Gallery independent works or are they linked?


There is a connection between paintings that manifests itself in the form of a visual script where you can appreciate the process of the entire time of evolution, obviously each painting contains a different feeling and energy impregnated in its creation process.


·What other artists inspire or mark you?


Antoni Tàpies and Mark Rothko.