Interview to VeraD

When and how did you enter the world of art?


At the age of 9-10 I began to paint and throughout my life I have continued to paint, as a result of my interior and my experiences.


What name would you give your exhibition?


I really think that it is an exhibition to appreciate, it has no name because it does not have a reason, if I had to choose an idea that encompasses the entire exhibition, I would say that it is an impression of colors.


What is or what are your sources of inspiration?


My travels around the world and the different visual prints that I have seen, as well as my experience in nautical and aquatic activities, I mainly use the memories of sensations and colors that I have seen to capture them in my work.


How would you define your art?


I would call it mutant art, my art is based on different styles, lately passionate about the abstract style, since it can better define your feelings.


Are the works in the exhibition connected to each other?


I think that the works follow the same story, within the variety of different impressions.


What are your inspirations?


Especially nature and what I have seen, I am an art lover, I do look at other works of art, but I try to achieve my own original artistic style avoiding the influences of external references.


How is your process of creating your work?


I am giving shape to the thought in my mind before I start painting, once in front of the canvas / canvas, I try to communicate and transmit that sensation of intercommunication between my inner memory and the observer.