Llaverias and Villafane in counterpoint
November 2nd to 25th, 2020

We present two Art Works of indisputable originality. 

Joan LLaverias offers us his latest works from his Organic Collection which symbolize nonexistent dream landscapes based on vibrant and harmonic glazes. It is a journey through the lights of dreams and introduces voluptuous multicolored shapes that, even without intending it, you can touch with your senses when you discover their spell.

Right there, in his fabrics impregnated with magical sensuality. 

Stephane Villafane never ceases to surprise beyond the foreseeable.

His approach to perceptions, regardless of the geography of their origin, appears mystified in soft structured wrappings to show the most desirable balance and equity. Everything in its place, without feeling aware of where they are going. Nothing better if you want to be “à la page” and at the forefront of Exhibitions visits.

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