Miguel Alarcón

Especies utópicas 2020

Experimento 2021 

Proceso industrial 2020  

Placas Anexas 

Was born in Santiago de Chile in 1964. 

I studied Graphic Design and Painting at "Talleres 619". 
I define my Work as Figurative Abstract Expressionism, my inspiration is the creation, playing with the different forms, with ancient elements, the architectural, etc.  

In 1998 I traveled to Spain residing 17 years in Madrid, I made Exhibitions, Murals and participated in different Art markets. In all these years I continue that artistic search traveling through London, Eindhoven, Lisbon, Paris and Berlin, thus enriching my work. 

In Madrid I participated in different painting contests being a finalist and selected. Since 2015 I have lived in Barcelona, looking for other artistic horizons. I work for a year with the Art Vista Gallery and BrutGaleria de Girona. 

Since January 2021 I have been an artist at the Port Gallery, Barcelona gallery, where I have had two exhibitions.