Stephane Villafane

It was at the beginning of the 90s and during his studies at the National School of Architecture of Lyon and the Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona that he discovered many artists associating in their works: space, architecture, time, and movement. Their freedom, their singularity will seduce him and will gradually guide him in his university course towards the visual arts.

He will thus follow the courses of several teaching artists which will allow him to develop, through several personal works, a conceptual, pictorial, and filmed approach to the project: installations, painting, drawing, short films, and photography.

After several years of collaboration as an architect and the creation

of his architecture agency in association with other colleagues in Barcelona, ​​he returned to France and decided from 2015 to devote himself fully to painting and sculpture while teaching today at the Montpellier School of Architecture.

Thoughts, imagined, his works are built around landscape, architecture, travel, light. He considers them as spatial compositions linked to the arbitrary and the transient; escape attempts to place themselves in

a meditative perspective. One feels in his work a desire for continuous transformation, detachment, floating, emptiness with all the imperfections and risks that painting requires.

His works are now represented in several international galleries and are part of private collections, mainly in the United States and Europe.