The Gallery


Port Gallery is in Barcelona, the city known worldwide for the genius of its artists, full of tradition and reverie for art in all its expressions. 

As a gallery, we strive to keep up with the pace and the unstoppable force of restless artists who have come here seeking recognition for their work.

Our contribution is directly related to originality. It is not easy to achieve, as everyone knows. But that is our promise, to look for it and to get it and to offer it to as many people as possible who are sensitive to it. 

In our artists we seek to know what they say and how they say it. We try to do it without prejudices, just with a clear and curious look and a free sensibility.

Several exhibitions, competitions and other activities a year help us to achieve our difficult objectives, but with the works presented we hope to satisfy the artistic desire of all those who visit us, with this and with all our professionalism that we put at your service.